Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.
~Zig Ziglar

Milestone Achievements

Milestone Achievements of Surun Infocore Systems

We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.
Feels nice to share achievements of Surun Infocore Systems. Surun Infocore Systems is now a 10 year old child, during these years we were simply trying to see the world in our own ways, sometimes we knocked for opportunities, sometime opportunities comes to us.

The only thing we kept in mind is “Don’t work on the demand… Try to create Demands”.
(The secret recipe is now revealed.)

Our Work - A Timeline

Knowledge Processing Operations (Seasons Of Year 2010)

In the first half of the year 2010, in order to have our own knowledge management and sharing unit, our “Creativity & Themes Team” comes up with the idea of “Knowledge Processing Operations”.

At the beginning we finalized the initial theme for this as “A Telephonic Solutions For Every Query In Computers”. This concept is design to touch all the domains of IT Industry

PC- Laptop - Hardware Domain Queries :
a. Sales, Purchase, Repairing, Replacements, Upgradations etc

PC-Laptop - Software Domain Queries :
a. Virus Solutions.
b. Virus Removals Without Using Any Antivirus Products.
c. Operating System Crash Recovery Services.
d. Data Recovery Services.
e. PC-Laptop Tuning ups Tips & Tricks For Improving Performance

Computer Networking Domain Queries :
a. Establishing And / Or Troubleshoot The Networks Or Networked Resources
b. Wi-Fi Solutions
c. Wi-Fi Securities

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Hacker`s Tantra – A Promotional Events for Hacking Techniques (Seasons of Year 2009)

We begin the Year 2009 with the mission statement – “Don’t Learn To Hack ... Hack To Learn”. This was the mega event for the promotion & awareness of Hacking Techniques, and as a part of our Learning Center Team`s activity we executed this mission successfully by delivering more than 50 seminars in 30+ Colleges Affiliated with Pune University.

In the second half of the year 2009, we have announced the “Hacker`s Tantra- Live Workshop – A State Level Event” with teaming up with the MIT College of Engineering Pune. This event was advertised in more than 200 Engineering colleges in Maharashtra state. In this event we entertained more than 300 attendees about various advanced topics with 100% practical demonstration of each section.

The best part of this mission is, this complete mission is strategically structured towards delivering the Hacking Techniques to masses with agenda of Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

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Member of Pune Cyber Committee (Pune Police) (Seasons of Year 2008)

After successfully grabbing the prospect to bracket together with, MITech Pune, in the seasons of year 2008, Surun Infocore Systems is get into the operational mode to cater our special skills to Pune Cyber Committee (Pune Police).

Institute for Advanced PC-Maintenance & Troubleshooting (Seasons of Year 2008)

After another great success in Corporate Training Solutions, we have finalized the DREAM of our own Institute for Advanced PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting.

The scope of Institute is set for 100% Practical Exposure.In the curriculum, we mentor students for various ADVANCED topics like

- Virus Programming
- Hackers Tantra – Level 1
- PC/Laptop Hardware Level Troubleshooting
- Software/ Operating System Level Troubleshooting
- Virus Brain Mapping for Manual Virus Prevention/Removal
- Operating System Crash Recovery
- System Tuning for Better Performance
- Troubleshooting For Networking
- Wi-Fi Security

Consulting / Corporate Training Solutions (Seasons of Year 2007)

As an expansion process in year 2007 our team encountered with great opportunity to work with the corporate training schemes. Our first consignment in this area was offered by "Samruddhi Communications" to conduct training sessions for “The Pune District Judiciary Panel” this project was designed by Government of India with desire to provide basic trainings to Pune judiciary panel about Red-Hat Enterprise Edition along with their judiciary software installed on their individual laptops.

The training was successfully executed with pre-decided schedule of 4 months.

Software Domain Solutions (Seasons of Year 2007)

After great success from computer Hardware Solutions Domain & Data Recovery Solutions domain Surun was getting geared up for computer software domain solutions. After manipulating resources in early of year 2007 we came up in the industry with our new, enhanced software division.

As compared with other companies we are new in the market but we came up here with a strong base of huge client network that we gained from past 8 years by catering quality service into the client end service sector.

Currently we are concentrating on our following major products which will launch very soon in the market
Project to Work Against Software Piracy
Project to Anti-Hacking Server Systems
Project to Forensics Tools for Cyber Security Team
Project to Design Next Generation E-Learning Tool

Data Recovery Domain Solutions (Seasons of Year 2006)

With the increasing demand of our satisfied clients in the sessions of year 2006 we came up in the market with the various Data Recovery Solutions. Currently we are having tie up with more than 53 computer Dealers in the market for Data Recovery Solutions.

At our special service lab we undertake various Data-Recovery works from all most all type of secondary memory storages.

Hardware Domain Solutions (Seasons of Year 2000)

The roots of company can be found during in the sessions of Year 2000.With the period of time and experience at Surun Infocore Systems we had developed a Unique Algorithm* for Removal of the Bad-Sector from hard-disks (Year 2005).

We have successfully implemented this algorithm on various makes/ brands of hard drives as well as on Track-Zero Bad Sectors and we are glad to announce that our success ratio is much more impressive in this area.


New Concept of Free Of Cost Computer Assistance - For the last 2-3 months I was facing tremendous problems on BSNL-Broadband; the internet connection was not at all stable.
I referred this problem to BSNL; Many times I narrated this problem to them but was of no avail.
In This critical period I came across with your handout announcing totally new concept of free of cost computer assistance.
My Broadband problem was therefore referred to you. You promptly attended it and solved it. Broadband is now working without any problem whatsoever.
You have indeed done wonderful job and have given such a re-leaf to a person like me who is a Senior Citizen and is new on Computer.
All, you did this without accepting any remuneration whatsoever!
I am really obliged to you! Thank You. God, Bless You!
Dr. S.P.Bhide.

Hello sir, Thank you for conducting wonderful session for our students.
Really It was a fantastic session , All student liked it very much . Also they want more sessions on these topic .
Prof. Bhalke D G
Asst. Prof ETC Dept.
Rajarshi Shahu College Of Engineering