80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read.
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Learning Center

Learning Center

After establishment of very famous brand – Hacker`s Tantra, to promote the various hacking activities we are engaging ourselves in conducting various Cyber Crime Awareness Seminars, Workshops & Mega Events. Till now we delivered more than 85 sessions in more than 35 Colleges (covering more than 7500 individuals) under Pune University (including colleges from Pune, Nasik, Baramati, Aurangabad, Sholapur).

The experiences of providing corporate trainings for famous clients like – The Pune District Judiciary Panel, C-DAC, rtCamp Pvt. Ltd etc are also making our appearance in the corporate world much brighter.

Now, on popular demand from the market, we decided to have our institute via which we can share a good knowledge in best way, and for same we have launched some interesting courses under our Learning Center activity.

We have designed following course modules:

Hacker`s Tantra Labs Certification Program

This is the concept born to deliver the true Hacking Knowledge in 99% practical execution of various hacking techniques by working on the mission statement "Learning By Doing It … Practically..."

The basic foundation of this course is constructed towards giving best knowledge of the real underlying hacking concepts, principals and techniques to protect and secure the environment, because we strongly believe Security Is everyone`s responsibility, and for same we are working around the concept of "Don’t Learn to Hack… Hack To Learn."

We strongly believe, to design 100% perfect Hacker, the individual should not only have the software knowledge but should also have essential knowledge about latest computer hardware also, and as to create good hackers we are offering Special Laptop Assembly Course (With LIVE Cases) absolutely FREE on this course.

Diploma in Advanced Virus Brain Mapping – (Module I)
Learn to Design viruses with NO NEED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES

Now many of you feel that creating a virus is impossible especially for beginners, so we are here with a very specially designed course, which will allow you to create your own deadly viruses without using any programming languages.

Why to Design or create Viruses?
We strongly believe that viruses are always carrying very special knowledge & special strategy of execution, which enables them to control your computer without involving any interaction from you.

Now to get essence of the knowing these special creations, their special execution logics, we will design them without involving any programming languages, because this will completely expose the hidden knowledge of operating systems (which virus is using to keep itself safe & secure) which is not documented anywhere.

So during this special course we emphasis on – understanding viruses by creating deadly viruses and cloning latest viruses practically with no involvement of any programming languages, and also exposing all the latest strategies used by viruses to hide themselves in very secured way.

Diploma in Advanced Virus Brain Mapping – (Module II)
Removing Viruses without Antivirus

Why to Remove Viruses without Antivirus?
If we kill viruses with automated tools like antivirus we will be answerless to following questions,
How can viruses control my system?
How virus is able to hide in system?
How virus is spreading from one system to other?
How it infects the pen drives?

So when you track down the viruses, locate their hideout bunkers, deactivate them, stop them manually (without automated tools) you will have a special knowledge and special skill sets which shapes your outstanding career graph.

Diploma in System Troubleshooting Expert & Analyst

Troubleshooting is not always as easy as it seems. Today finding information online is simple and quick, but the difficult part of troubleshooting is to use that information to resolve your computer problems. Today you really don't have to be an expert in application development to be able to run simple and even more complex troubleshooting tasks.

The syllabus of this program is a classique piece of knowledge distribution method, designed specially from experts having knowledge of more than 12 years in this system troubleshooting domain.

Also specially designed syllabus execution method makes troubleshooting simple and anyone who have a basic knowledge in computers can follow the instructions to resolve any of the problems in computer hardware, software, and basic networking domains.

The course contents are enriched with the inclusion of Laptop Assembly course with Live Case Handling.

Reserve Yourself For This Course Before 30Th June 2011 & Get Special Laptop Toolset Absolutely Free!

(Special Weekend Batches for Professionals)

Certification In Computer Basics, Cyber Crime Security & Awareness

What is "Cyber Awareness" and why do we need to be aware of it? Is it protecting our personal information? Will it help to keep our computer safe and secure? Or will it protect our self, our children or students while they are on-line?

Well the answer is YES! Cyber Awareness is, knowing how to keep your computer, your data, and your online activities safe and secure.

This course is Classroom based educational program designed to help senior citizens, housewives, students, professionals, and who are beginner in the computer industry.

Knowing and understanding the Computer Basics, and lead towards opportunities and responsibilities for the use of cyber technologies are the essence components of this course.

Batch Structure & Offers

- Exclusive Offers -

button Hacker`s Tantra Labs Certification Program
- Specially designed Laptop Assembly Course (with LIVE cases) absolutely FREE.

button Diploma in System Troubleshooting Expert & Analyst
- Reserve yourself for this course before 30Th June 2011 & get special laptop tool-set absolutely FREE!

button Certification In Computer Basics, Cyber Crime Security & Awareness
- Special Discount of Rs.1000/-
For employees (and their family members) of
- State Government
- Central Government
- Defense Personals

- Special Dedicated Destruction Lab -

button Where students can perform a variety of activities - like virus programming, hacking, damaging, because -
"We Are Here To Redefine The R&D As Research And Destruction."

- Batch Structure -

button All batches will have only maximum 10 students.

button No age barrier for the students -
But the only requirement for advanced certifications is he/she should be atleast able to play the computer games :-)

button No Education barrier for the students -
Students from Engineering, Commerce, Arts, Managements, Medical etc can join us.. the only requirement is their passion towards learning will make them best students of our learning center.

- Total Durations For Various Batches -

Hacker`s Tantra Labs Certification Program - 180 Days

Diploma in Advanced Virus Brain Mapping – (Module I) - 45 Days

Diploma in Advanced Virus Brain Mapping – (Module II) - 60 Days

Diploma in System Troubleshooting Expert & Analyst - 150 Days

Certification In Computer Basics, Cyber Crime Security & Awareness - 30 Days

- Downloads -

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