Gearing up with the technologies is always an interesting task for us, we strongly believe, curiosity leads to explore the new destinations… Always...!
~ Sarvesh Sonawane

Software Services

Software Services - Perfect blend of Creativity & Intelligence

To judge our teams with exploring new impossibilities, we entered into Software Solutions business with a motive to design a solution which will result in client`s improved business performance.

Our Services

We cater our skills in following areas –

Web site developments - PHP, JSP, ASP.
Desktop Applications - JAVA, Visual Basics, Visual Studio.
Business Integrity Solutions - Web - SMS Functionality integrations.
Paperless Solutions - Complete Business Solutions.
Security Applications - Privacy Protections.

As compared with other companies we are new in the market (sometime being honest is the best judgment) but we came up here with a strong base of huge client network that we gained from past 10 years by catering quality service into the client end service sector.

Current Status –

Desktop Application Developments -
Our teams are engaged in following projects which we have just designed to simply satisfy our curiosities.

buttonPhoto_Lab (Beta 1.0)

This project is a superior blend of Image processing and Image forensic application and first of its kind.
From Image processing point of view this project is having:

  • Histogram Analysis
  • Mirror Image Generation
  • Edge Detection
  • Oil Painting Effect Generation
  • Inbuild Gamma Corrector
  • Saliency Extraction

In this project we also tried to come up with the best collage generation algorithm, in which the images are not overlapping on each other.

To identify the hidden data from the images we have added an extra ADS (Alternate Data Stream) Detector in this project, which is helpful for Image Forensic.

buttonY.A.K.S.H. – Tantra - (Yet Another Konsole To Secure Host – Tantra)

In this application we tried to add some intelligence of alerting all the administrators via mail and SMS if any hacking activity made on the servers.

buttonCHAKSHU – A Forensic Tool

A project, to describe the absolute details of the JPEG-BMP images. This project will produce detailed statistics from Image Histograms and Image Headers.

buttonCENSE – (Central Engine for eNgaged Source Estimator)

This project is collection of various sensors which will notice each and every activity of Windows registry, Memory footprints, and specified folder and / or drive. This concept behind this project is create a Ruled Based Antivirus and a software to monitor each and every activity of the software execution so that we can design portable software.

Web Site Development -
       As of current status - our teams are catering solutions to both onsite and offshore clients. Currently we are connected with one of the world’s largest online store to provide them the Data Integration Services, and as well as we are providing quality web development solutions to various domestic services too.

buttonOnsite Clients

As a part of giving complete business functionalities we are currently catering our skills with Controls Central (United States) and providing them the Data Integration Services.

  • is the largest online HVAC/R controls store in the world. The website has more than 2.5 million HVAC/R controls parts in stock, and offers products from leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, and Belimo.
  • More than 600 manufacturers’ products are available from the company’s network of authorized distributors. Same day shipment is supported by 130 stocking warehouses throughout the United States.

buttonOffshore Clients

Apart from above interesting application developments, we are also working on some web site development projects. Currently we are working with few construction companies, travel agencies, real estate agents, matrimonial services for website development.


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